Braces and Orthodontics

An orthodontic evaluation allows Dr. Jimenez to assess your child’s oral development. During the evaluation, Dr. Jimenez will inspect your child’s teeth and gums, as well as the bones and muscles in your child’s mouth to evaluate the need for correction with the help of braces. 

An orthodontic evaluation will give you the ability to plan ahead for your child’s future dental needs, including clear or metal braces. Dr. Jimenez has significant experience evaluating children’s growth and oral development and frequently implements interceptive orthodontic treatment plans for our youngest patients.

Dr. Jimenez has additional training in orthodontics and is deeply familiar with oral and facial anatomy. 

Clear Braces

Aligning your teeth makes them easier to clean, but it also has a huge impact on your appearance. Dr. Jimenez can help you straighten your teeth using clear braces and invisible aligners instead of traditional brackets and wires.

Clear, removable braces make it easier for you to keep your smile clean and avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease. The advanced system uses removable plastic trays that are easy to care for and comfortable to wear. No one will ever have to know they’re there!

Metal Braces

Metal braces are still the most common type of braces for orthodontic patients. Modern metal braces are much more comfortable than ones worn in the past, as they’re flatter and smaller. Dr. Jimenez may recommend braces if your child suffers from crooked teeth, crowded teeth, jaw problems or a misaligned bite.




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